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Our philosophy at PhysioFit is simple....determine what body part is in dysfunction and treat it. You have probably already experienced treatment directed at treating your symptoms. It may have come in the way of pain medications or it may have been directed at electrical stimulation to the region of your pain. You may have had shoulder pain and then had treatment directed at the spot of your symptoms, whether it be ultrasound, electrical stimulation, heat and shoulder exercises. Unfortunately the symptoms don’t always mean that is where the problem is. Sometimes painful tissue is symptomatic because it is working too hard. Working too hard because something else in the system is restricted or not working at all. Sometimes dysfunction in the system is somewhere different than the symptoms. The body is masterful at compensating for bodily restrictions which can sometimes mean pain if it compensates too hard.
PhysioFit physiotherapists are trained in biomechanical analysis and determining where dysfunction might lie. When the true problem is identified and treated, you achieve increased motion, decreased pain and increased function.
PhysioFit physiotherapists use a variety of manual therapy techniques to achieve normalization of biomechanical movement. The techniques may consist of joint mobilizations, articulations, muscle energy techniques, and myofascial release techniques. Once motion has improved and pain has decreased the next step is to maintain the new range or new motion. This is achieved by retraining movements that your body has forgotten or perhaps has been lacking. Our goal is to ultimately improve the function of not only one muscle but for the whole system as that is how we truly function.